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PMM Thinking Engine watches and hears everything you watch, hear and say. It uses that data to decipher your brain on fly.
PMM Functioning Schema
Thinking Engine restores information hidden in the brain like Hidden Markov process is recovered through external observations.

Mind Upload through PMM Thinking Engine

PMM Thinking Engine is a universal tool for mind upload. Its scientific base is a mathematical model of brain neural networks. Like human, Thinking Engine works and frequently switches between two general modes:
   • Listening when it accumulates knowledge, and
   • Answering when it generates the output using its acquired knowledge.
   In the listening mode Thinking Engine accepts synchronious Text/Video/Audio[?] stream as input very similar to human who can read, watch and listen at the same time.
   In the answering mode Thinking Engine generates Text/Audio[?] stream as an output, again very similar to human who can write and speak.
   The rules for output generation are being created automatically when Thinking Engine processes its input stream. The rule creation process uses the algorithm that is similar to the algorithm which works in the human brain networks. This guarantees a human-like behavior of Thinking Engine and near-identity of original and generated responces after upload is done.
PMM Thinking Engine can be used to design artificial intelligence systems for various domains through mind upload procedure. Suppose we upload mind of a specialist in some target domain. After upload is complete, Thinking Engine has all necessary knowledge in the field, and begins to apply it without any external help. Thinking Engine searches for data, asks questions, issues responses and commands and even makes logical inferences if it was taught to do that.
   The most interesting applications for Thinking Engine are autonomous robotic systems[?] which require the elements of artificial general intellect and human-like behavior. In this case we expand input and output streams by robot incoming and outgoing signals taking them under complete control of Thinking Engine.

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